Lost Ponies

BeAnne had her check-up at the vet’s this morning.  Everything was fine and well.  She is making very good progress.

Afterwards, armed with pre-prepared apples, we dropped by Lyradale to see the ponies who live there.

I have been neglecting my little chaps because it has been busy at home.

OH has very kindly walking Loki there and checking on them but of course it is not the same as Muzzah!

I found the preggie ladies but I could not see the little ones anywhere.

Lyradale is a big croft – two fields, basically, of about 50 acres in total so off we set.

I shouted and shouted and eventually, after a good ten minutes, a little head popped up!

So I rattled my bag of apples and kept shouting.

After a while another appeared (I think they look like an album cover!)

And eventually they all came down the hill at a mad something to see me and my apples.

Except for Vitamin, so I threw her apple up to her.

After lots of hellos, hugging (mostly Storm because he is speshul) and bum-scratching (that would be Tiddles) and explaining why I had been absent, I left them grazing.

I think Fivla is finally looking almost good.  The hard neck crest has nearly vanished and there is now a glimpse of a normal sized pony in there.

The herd love Lyradale and seem to be travelling far more now rather than just hovering about in the same place.

There is miles to explore.

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