Worried About Klaengur

We are worried about Klængur. He is not his usual self  He was found waiting at the bottom of the hill when everyone else was eating their silage.

When Flossie rode him this morning, he seemed very sluggish and off his tölt.  Most odd.

So, Flossie brought Klængur up, to be around the house. I have wormed him (and the others in his herd) plus fed him a probiotic and some hard food.

Klængur is not off his food, so he can’t be that ill.  Tonight, he is spending the night indoors with Kappi and Taktur too.

It could be just be the change of silage or something else…..  Let’s hope it is spring appearing.  It can affect some horses.

Meanwhile, the little peoples are all fine.

Newt is delicious.

Albie is divine.

Delia is going very well.  Much better than previous winters.

Darling Tor is always the same.  A darling.

Standard and mini Shetland ponies – each have their uses.

Meanwhile, Klængur is working his way through every feed bowl he can find.  Lambie et al are less than impressed.

3 thoughts on “Worried About Klaengur

  1. Darby

    sorry to hear that you are under the weather Kleangur. hoping you will be feeling better soon. you have the best mom and she will make sure you get the best care . hugs to all

  2. Terri

    So…Klængur is “eating like a horse”? (sorry) Hope he’s ok and back to normal soon. When will beautiful, wonderful, mum-to-all Tor have to leave? soon? It will probably be hardest on Albie. I hope he and Newt will find solace in one another. Your herd is looking good!

  3. Sam

    Hope Klaengur turns on his Universal Translator and lets you know what is going on.
    Good to know Delia did well this winter as did the Little Peoples.


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