Mes Grandes Dames

The ladies are large and lovely

I tell them that they are “cooking” their foals and, to make Brá feel a bit better about being pregnant, I always turn up with a present – an apple or carrot.

Brá would like to be feral if she could but a) she hasn’t the strength now and b) she only does it if I bring a stranger into her field and then all bets are off.  I never realised that I take our friendship for granted until I took someone she didn’t know into the field and then she wouldn’t talk to any of us.  It is all about trust with her and she is much worse when she is pregnant.   I don’t indulge it. If I want to talk to her than I jolly well will and I lecture her endlessly about no one actually dying having their eyes cleaned and if she wants this carrot, then she will have to “suck it up, Princess” and be nice.

They are both getting very huge and they are carrying their foals in very different ways.

Hetja is just large.

But they love their field and most of all, being together.  They are good friends and great support for each other.

Can’t wait. I just can’t wait!

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