Lilja is Backed

I was busy in my shed making a sheeple for the shops when Daisy popped her head in and said “I am doing something with Lilja…. can you give me a hand for a few minutes?”. I finished my sheeple, while she put Taktur (Lilja’s Dad) back into his field and we met up with Daisy leading Lilja out of her field ready for work.

Tied up, a quick brush and then Daisy sorted out her saddle.  Lilja watched, interested.

Saddlecloth on.

(Lilja is a beautiful mare – so like her Dad).

Next the saddle on.

More gorgeousness.

Then Daisy led her around the school with the saddle on so she could get reacquainted with the feeling of it on her back with the girth done up.

This is to see and train Lilja to stand still – yes, she does, like a rock.

Well done, Lilja.  A carroty reward facing forwards and not asking.

Then Daisy bounced up and down each side.  There was absolutely no reaction.

Flapping about on each side – again, nothing.

Hat on and then Daisy lay across the saddle from each side and then slipped her leg over and got on.

Meanwhile, I am holding the lead-rope and giving Lilja a small pieces of carrot as a reward for each specific desired behaviour.

So, that’s Lilja lightly backed then. What a good girl – totally calm, listening and interested. Perfect.  I do like this mare.

4 thoughts on “Lilja is Backed

  1. diane in northern wis

    Oh that’s wonderful to see. I love all the steps leading up to Daisy climbing up and sitting on her. She is doing so well. You guys do a GREAT job with your horses….such patience and finesse. Very impressive.


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