Needed Help

I had an inkling that I might be in trouble when I went to bed last night. My back was horrible and by this morning, I could hardly move, let alone walk.  I haven’t felt this bad for a while.  My back screamed every time I breathed.

So I took a double dose of Tramadol and TurmOil and set my Painpod belt on full volume zapping with massage (electric muscle stimulation), waited 30 minutes in bed and then got up and dressed.  The girls kindly did my morning chores while I limped about uselessly outside with a walking stick to keep me upright.

Gradually I could feel the benefits of gentle exercise so after breakfast, I caught Haakon, left the walking stick behind, hung onto his neck and we went for a walk along the road.  Nice and flat, no tripping and hopefully manageable.

It was a beautiful morning and the girls wanted to come too.

Daisy appeared on Taktur.

I let the boys introduce themselves.

And they went on with their ride, leaving us behind.

Haakon made an excellent walking aid.  He always knows when I am not well and I can rely on him to support and look after me.  He knows his job well.  Hanging onto his mane and neck made walking much easier.

We went along at a good pace, enjoying the lovely view.  The fact that Haakon was supporting me, while also pulling me along meant my legs had to walk to keep up but it was less effort.

In return for his help, I let Haakon stop to eat the thistle flowers. He loves them.  Spikey but delicious.

We did our usual walk and turned around to go home, seeing Daisy and Taktur coming down the other road.

The walk did good.  My legs went on working better but I have been circling the planet incoherently for the rest of the day – that’s what huge doses of Tramadol does to me.  The pinching agony every time I breathe is more manageable but comes back if I lower the dose.

Let’s hope this is just a blip. Too much to do for my malfunctioning back to get in the way.

7 thoughts on “Needed Help

  1. Linda

    I’m so sorry to hear about your back, and I’m glad you have some ways of helping with the pain. (I have a “stupid” back – nothing like yours! – and walking is the magic that works for my nerve pain.)

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Sorry to read this, Frances. You seemed to be doing so much better recently. I hope it settles down and doesn’t require any further medical interventions. xx

  3. jacqueline slavich

    So sorry about your back pain. I’m glad you have a lovely day, beautiful daughters and a supportive horse to help you. Reading your posting every morning over my breakfast here in New Zealand really sets me off with a great start. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to. Hoping your back behaves from now on.

  4. darby callahan

    I am so sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. I am glad the walk with Haakon helped. here’s hoping that tomorrow you are feeling better. sending healing thoughts.

  5. diane in northern wis

    Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry to hear that your back is acting up. Back pain is absolutely the worst.
    Mine was so bad years ago that I had it surgically repaired and now have metal in my back. so far so good. Back surgery is scary. Praying that yours feels better soon and that all the things you’re doing will greatly improve it. Take good care.


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