Missing Forelock

Me: Haakon, where’s your forelock?

Does anyone know where it’s gone?

This is awful – Haakon’s forelock has just vanished (possibly overnight) while other’s remain silly and frilly!   I am very jealous now on his behalf.

I found Daisy brushing Iacs’ mane and tail so afterwards I picked up the brush and did Lilja’s mane and tail. She was a good girl and just stood there.

And then Sóley, who also was much calmer about it all. Last time, a few months’ back, it had been a bit of a fight.

Living with the old men has done Sóley the world of good.

And lastly Klængur.

Afterwards, Sóley helped Daisy clean out the water buckets.

As did Lilja. They are both very nosey girls.

I am not sure about Haakon without his forelock. He looks a bit Przewalski-ish.

But he’s still my handsome boy, though and looking good this summer.

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