Like Father Like Son

Winter reappeared again.  


I am not sure what we have in store as the forecast changes hourly from doom and gloom to slightly less misery.


I am trying to maintain my daily routine though it is getting more difficult. Getting up in the morning now takes about 4 hours as I have to recover and regroup from the whole process.  I am lucky that by the time the painkillers have kicked in and I am upright, Taktur has brought his friends down to the house.  


Despite the snow, there is food out there in the field


but I am still feeding Taktur (though Indy does not know this).  As long as Indy thinks Taktur is going out to work, he does not push and shove his way to the front. So I open the gate and Taktur and Haakon wander through, leaving the others behind.  All very civilised and easy.  Perfect.  I couldn’t bear a battle.


Carrots are dished out to the others and that is all they expect, so no one is hanging around waiting for more hay or hard feed.


Happy little smiling faces greet me and I duly shovel in a carrot.


Darling, darling Bozz-Bozz has the same expressions as his Dad and reduced me to giggles while he worked the field with his immense charm and soft little nosey.

I hope this is just a smattering of snow and it will all go.  


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