Just for Posterity

I think this may be one of my last rides on Haakon or any horse tbh.  I wanted someone to photograph me (Jo is away south) as I have a feeling there won’t be much more of this pastime. Luckily the snow has gone but my daily routine is becoming increasingly difficult.

Janette came over to ride Iacs (he loves it and waits for her every day by the gate).  I gave her a few pointers and showed her husband how to work my camera.


I said everything would be fine as long as he didn’t take any photos of the ceiling.  He then looked rather sheepish and now I know why! LOL!


So here I am on my boy of 19 years, Haakon.  Excuse all the bits pointing in the wrong way and hands in the wrong place, etc.  Don’t point them out to me because there is nothing I can do to change.

I am extremely proud of Haakon’s tölt,  Ok, it is not something anyone would write home about but it is smooth, comfortable and we can do figures of eight and circuits around the school without breaking the gait, which is a huge achievement for us.  


Haakon has always favoured piggy pace throughout his life.  We don’t go very fast, these days and I only last for about 20 minutes but that is enough for both of us.  I am counting the minutes I have left riding him.

He knows, you know.  He doesn’t canter anymore up the track with me (has done for the last 15 years).  He just tölts or walks. It is funny, though, I stop hurting when I ride.  It is the only time of the day when I just don’t notice it.

4 thoughts on “Just for Posterity

  1. Michelle

    I can’t imagine how heart wrenching it is to be faced with the end of your riding career. On the other hand, how can you quit if it is the only time you have relief?

  2. John Davies

    I think your husband did a wonderful job with the pictures; I’m especially good at taking video of my feet when I forget to turn the camera off!


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