Life through a different lens

Well I bought myself a new in-between camera.  A Leica.  This is my work space last night, trying to find out how it works. It took me 2 hours just to attach the lens hood string to the camera body.


The result of Day 1 – Wussums who was the only victim, sorry, model available.  That’s his face of pure loathing with a smidgen of condescension.


Today, I went out and about with my new Leica dangling around my neck at a very low angle (I must get used to that or doctor the neck strap).

The usual chore has to be done.  My camera is set on Automatic at present, ie point and squirt mode, as I have still to understand Page 1 of the Manual which is written for those who already attended university studying photography (or is that Medja Studies?)

L1010005 L1010016

The usual audience was watching me carefully to check I was doing it right.  Helpers, I like to think of them as helpers.

L1010018 L1010035

Bozz-Bozz was overly keen to say Cheeeeeeeeese (endlessly)!

L1010071 L1010072

Here are a few snaps of my surroundings while Taktur ate his stallion food to make him big-and-strong.

L1010062 L1010067 L1010090

It was a stunning Shetland Spring day, perfect for taking photos so that is what I did all afternoon, finding new buttons to press and just generally playing. Obviously I took you-know-who. She entertained herself by playing in the burn (stream).


This is how good the lens is.  Taktur visible.


Taktur where he actually is (the black dot in the distance – no, on the horizon distance in the middle!)


Then I photographed my flowers and scenery in the field.  Now I am very proud of that daisy.   A test of a good camera, imho, is the single daisy shot.

L1010283 L1010195 L1010236 L1010206  L1010249L1010282 L1010157L1010145

And then I found this button marked C for Colours and I went mad experimenting.  Knocks the socks of Instagram and I can make my house look very scary indeed.  I like this button!  Loads of potential there.

L1010272 L1010167 L1010270  L1010277L1010220

I see endless mileage with this camera.  Small, easy to hold, fun and I need to RTFM!  No more mediocrity when it is raining and I can’t take my big camera out.  Now I have this Leica (imagery to denote banging my head against a wall here) the world is out there.


But one thing this camera cannot do, which I am very disappointed with and may well be writing to Leica about, is to make BeAnne look beautiful when she has been swimming and then rolled in something unmentionable (depressed, again).


7 thoughts on “Life through a different lens

  1. roberta

    Macros look great.
    Did you look at the Olympus OM-D5 ……………fantastic. I use a Canon 7D for my grown up photography and I have a E620 but the OM-D probably is similar to the Leica small and easy to carry around.

  2. Trish

    That shot of Taktur (far away) literally made my jaw drop! I don’t know anything about cameras btw, but how amazing. Loved looking at all the pics actually…I hadn’t realised the difference that using a different camera would have.

  3. Keith Alexander

    Was the first shot of your Moggy on Auto as well?
    If so that is pretty good exposure control!

      1. Keith Alexander

        In that case that reinforces my choice of the Lumix DMC-FZ200 as my next camera to replace my ageing Nikon compact which iirc is the Panasonic badged version of yours

        I like the idea of F2.8 being available through the full zoom range, lots of options for some nicely blurred backgrounds with the low F setting on zoom shots

        like this one of one of my Lambs

        My only reservation is I prefer a camera with manual zoom control I have had a fair few Nikon compacts and compared to my Canon DSLR I don’t like the jerky and delayed response you often get from a motorised zoom.


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