Hammie has another lesson

When he was caught, it was very evident that Hammie was in a bouncy mood and in no frame of mind to be ridden


Jo and Fiona harnessed him up instead.


We used an Icelandic rubber saddle pad thingy to go under the “saddle” of the harness because this set is not designed for his non-Shetland frame (Jo has a better one at her house which she will remember to bring next time).


Today’s training was getting Hammie used to the feel of shafts on his sides, especially when turning corners.  He went in both directions and was made to do small circles.

BN2A5972 BN2A5975

Then Jo rattled the “shafts” on his sides and Hammie thought that was fairly scary so she did it some more until he was bored.



Next, the dragging wood which, having just become bearable, made things worse again.


Plus some more “shaft” rattling by his sides.

BN2A5996 BN2A5997

And then, relief, a carrot for the bravery.  Phew!


and off they went again.

BN2A6005 BN2A6007

We let Hammie see the rattling things as he is not in blinkers and not the type of pony who would go well in blinkers either at the moment, if ever.


Jo decided to show him the crashing and the banging of the shafts being lifted up and down over his back, as if the cart was being put to.

BN2A6016 BN2A6017 BN2A6018

A few scared moments but he got used to it.


As long as Fiona told him he was speshul!


We are getting there. It is a very slow process, and Hammy needs constant reassurance and time. We don’t rush him and often go back a stage to go forward one, if you see what I mean.


The next step of the cart should be fun.  Look at his face?  OMG!  It is all about trust.  We will keep working away and take it at a speed Hammie’s little pea-like brain can cope with.


2 thoughts on “Hammie has another lesson

  1. Liz Reid

    Training Hammy takes me back to training some of mine.
    Only difference is all mine to be educated for harness grow up watching the trained pony being harnessed up and set too. By the time young Smokey came ready for his turn, it was all so much ho humm for him.
    Took to it like a dream.

    I like watching your training sessions as I know some of mine will not be as easy as Smokey was, so seeing how you go with Hammy gives me pointers as to how I might have to adapt the sessions for each individual pony.

    I can’t wait until the day I see Hammy going in the cart properly.


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