The weather is giving us a slight break (we have been watching every forecast all week) and the snow melted overnight.  Today I drove Daisy, with Taktur and Kappi in the van, down the road to have riding lessons outside with Hamish Cameron, who has come up from South for a few days to teach.

First up was Taktur.

The theory being that if Taktur was tired, he would be less of a pain-in-the-arse waiting afterwards.

So Kappi did the waiting.  He was a good boy, though he got bored, and ended up standing with me while I took photos.

Meanwhile, Daisy and Taktur were getting on very well with Hamish.

And this was Hamish’s first time of meeting Taktur too. He had heard about him but never seen our stallion in action.

My only comment was “he has a nice trot” and then left Taktur to show Hamish what he could do.

An added bonus of some good “hair” shots too.

(just so incredibly handsome)


Then it was Kappi’s turn.

We tied Taktur behind the van with a haynet because the next lesson’s participants were also arriving.

And, yes, of course, it was a mare.  17hh of a lady. And I will say Taktur behaved beautifully. He thought about being an arse, but I reminded him about his track record with ladies, and he decided to pretend she wasn’t there. Wise move, my boy.  Wise move.

I couldn’t stand ringside with my camera for very long as I was tasked with keeping Taktur out of trouble.

But what I did see looked very good and I know Daisy enjoyed herself, learned loads and now has aching legs!


So that was all good.  I am exhausted. I have forgotten what it is like to actually go somewhere!

6 thoughts on “Lessons!

  1. Sam

    Lovely hair shots of the Handsome Boy. Daisy’s smile says it all -“we are away from home. We are learning new things. We are talking to others outside of the family. The boys did not act up in the ring.” Sounds like a Grand Day Out.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Daisy really is a lovely rider! Is Mr Cameron a specifically Icelandic horse trainer or more general? It looks like he and Daisy worked well together.


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