Stuffing Their Faces

Floss and I drove over to Leradale.  Everyone was very pleased to see us.

It might’ve been the three large haynets stuffed full of hay that we distributed in piles all along the side of the derelict house.

Or the bucket of conditioning cubes I took, placing a large handful in every pile of hay.

Or the bucket of carrots I also had about my person which was then dished out onto the hay.

Whatever it was, the little ones got on with the job of eating rather than arguing.

I am not sure why Sóley was so determined to talk to me. I had long since fairly distributed every calorie I owned.

All we could hear was munch, crunch, munch.

We also brought fresh water in case everyone had forgotten where the large expanse of water actually is located.

On another topic, ‘Bert was miserable being shut away from his friends and had gone on hunger strike.  So, after a massive breakfast (you can see a theme here), I opened the gate, read the Riot Act to Edna and Madge, muttering things like “Your Last Chance” and let them get on with it.

And I am slightly, if very tentatively, hopeful that they are doing just that.

Today I watched the sheep all sort of sit together chewing their cud, which is a good sign.

I do so want them to all get on.  My life would be perfect then (that, and finding my glasses – I have ordered a replacement pair so they will probably turn up!)

2 thoughts on “Stuffing Their Faces

  1. Sam

    Nothing like a good meal after bad weather. Mine is stew or bread pudding instead of hay and carrots.
    Fingers crossed the glasses show up and the sheep behave.

  2. diane in northern wis

    What a huge job to feed everybody….and you guys do it so well. I love seeing all the hay spread out and hearing about the carrots and whatnot. You are a good Momma. Hope your sheep can all get along now too…is that hoping for too much? You need some warm Spring breezes….sure hope they’re coming soon. Keep up the good work in the meantime!


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