Leradale in Summer

An easy day today (my back was kicking up about yesterday’s horsevan ramp) and on my way home, I went to visit Leradale (Minion winter quarters) to see how it was getting on in their absence.

Everything was growing furiously and there were carpets of flowers in patches all over.

Leradale is very different in the summer.

It is easy to see why folk lived here over 2500 years ago. I could almost watch and hear them.

I had a huge urge to sit in the flowers with a good book, a bottle of chilled Chablis and just relax (and now I have thought of this, I must just have to).

Anyone want to come too and share the bottle?

This could be my summer piece of heaven.


11 thoughts on “Leradale in Summer

  1. Sam

    If it were safe, I’d fly over from New England, deal with the 12 hr ferry boat ride and bring the wine. And my sister who will whisper to the Sheeple and Minions how much we love seeing these posts. And pet Monster while playing with BeAnne.

  2. Gabriella Atzori

    Oh I wish I could join in!! The landscape looks like paradise, I can imagine the peace and quiet already 🙂

  3. Margaret Robinson

    That’s exactly what you should do! How marvelous to take some time with a great Chablis and a good book!

  4. Linda

    This encompasses everything Summer – including the old croft (that’s just icing on the cake, to me)

  5. May

    Love to bring some wine and cheese and join you. Alas, that’s not to be during the Covid crazies.
    I’ll raise a toast to you from here in the States.

  6. Megan Pratt

    Did you mention once you couldn’t re-build it? What a lovely holiday spot it could be. Complete with nose kisses.

  7. Gail

    Thank you for the beauty and visions to remember later in the day. I imagine there was a strong hum of bees too.


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