The Beach

Daisy and I loaded up the horsevan with all our relevant accoutrement, including Iacs and Haakon.  En route, we picked up a friend and I handed her my camera, briefly explained how it worked and put her in charge of photography.

We unloaded at Sand beach – mind, I said I was planning a trip last week.  Unloaded and tacked up.

We decided to lead the boys down to the beach as it is steep and they don’t know the terrain.

On we got and I had one worrying moment when I lost the reins while clipping my air-jacket to the saddle!

Panic over, and off we set – me now with the reins (always useful).

We were going along fairly nicely……

…. when Haakon decided he was no longer the brave bunny he thought he was.  On the way down the beach he swerved or planted at just about everything, which was frustrating.

There were a few folk and families on the beach.

Once we had reached the far end, we turned on a sixpence and Iacs cantered back while Haakon determinedly piggy-paced.

I knew Haakon used to love the sea so I turned him round and let him investigate it a bit more.

It all came flooding back to him – quite literally!

And then we did lots of sploshing up and down the beach.

And Daisy did her cantering thing (so jealous).

And I had my mouth open and feet stuck out while we piggy-paced along.

Though, interestingly, Haakon would tölt in the sea.

It really was beyond fantastic.

Just like old times. I never thought I would have this again.

We definitely need to do this again.

The old men loved it.

And then we loaded them up and went back home.

19 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. Celeste

    Oh, what a wonderful day! Such gorgeous photos, beautiful weather and fabulous horses! I’m so happy for all 4 of you that you had a very special day. What absolute fun!!!

  2. Sam

    What fab day you had! Loved the action shots of Daisy cantering. And how brave Haakon was to wander the beach and splash in the water. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Wow – that looked like fun! Is that the house we thought we’d like to rent whilst there – it’s right on the beach front, but don’t think (aptly so) your friend took a picture of it from the front/back. Glad you had such a marvelous time.

  4. Gail Lawson

    Oh my, just the perfect thing to do! Nothing like it and so beautiful there! Thank you for posting your wonderful adventures!

  5. Marlane

    As a horse rider myself I know how harum scarum it can be out in the unknown and the reins falling down the neck … I am glad there were no loose horse heel nipping dogs. But bravo you did it and worked out the kinks so that you got to a place of enjoyment. What fabulous photos taken by your friend. Click on my name and you can see me and my husband with our horse here in California. I was never lucky enough to have a horse that was able to be ridden on the beach when we lived near the ocean, it takes a special kind of horse or pony. But I think that the Morgan Horses that we have now could have done it but not the Thoroughbred.

    1. Frances Post author

      Love your horses especially your husband’s!

      Also love your pedigree pictures. Really well done. x

  6. Sherry Walter

    I have to admit I am so freakin’ jealous! Years and years ago my dad and I kept our horses at my sister’s place, about a mile from Lake Michigan. We used to ride them there and meander along the beach. I had a bomb proof appaloosa and in the summer I could rider her straight out into the lake, she loved it when the waves crashed over her head but oh, that water was cold!

    1. marlane

      Even tho I am not Frances I just wanted to say that a bomb proof horse is worth their weight in gold and having known appaloosa’s it is interesting that she was willing to go in the water and for any horse waves that big is amazing.

  7. Christine

    What a wonderful sight! I’m so glad you made it happen and have photos to remember the day. And aren’t air vests just the best thing thing? Just don’t forget to unsnap before getting off 🙂 🙂


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