Lambie’s Five Minutes of Fame

The midges were bad today. Very bad.  No one wanted to be outside.  The horses and sheep were fractious and we were all suffering.

But Lambie suffered the most.  I don’t know why but he does so I asked him if he wanted to come inside.

(OH was at work so please say nothing!)

The girls were eating breakfast when Lambie walked in.  Daisy gave him ginger biccies and Flossie parted with a piece of crumpet spread with Marmite.  Lambie was very happy.  He likes everyone else’s breakfast.

I was in the kitchen so he popped his head round the door!  “Hi, Lambie”, I said.

Monster was not impressed (possibly working for OH, who would not approve either).

Lambie did a spot of investigating everything and wandering around.  Meanwhile, I limited access.

To get Lambie to settle, I sat down on the floor with him and put on the radio. Lambie is a keen aficionado of classical music so I found Classic FM (we can only get this through the tv).

And he quickly found his spot and sat down.

I could see he was tired. Those midges are exhausting and unforgiving.

Although Lambie is sort of house-trained, I had a couple of puppy pee-pads ready just in case. I can usually read the signs, though, and he does ask to go out if he wants to go out.  A Muzzah knows.

And then Lambie got a mention on Classic FM – ok, so it wasn’t actually five minutes of fame – more like 1 minute 8 seconds of fame but we take what we can get!  So proud *** sniff ***.




9 thoughts on “Lambie’s Five Minutes of Fame

  1. Sam

    Lambie is Famous! And so very tired of the midges. Can’t blame him, they are horrid.
    I think Newt has taught Monster a few tricks of “Tattle Tale to OH” – given his scowl.
    Nice of the girls to share breakfast with Lambie. Look how big he is now!
    Going home to batten down the hatches for Hurricane Henri on Sunday.

  2. Cathy

    That is brilliant ! I’m so sorry I missed it “live” . I always listen to Classic FM and that would have made my day too.

  3. Celeste

    Yay, Lambie is famous! Love this, so very cool that he was mentioned on his favorite radio station. Hurray for music-loving sheep!

  4. diane in northern wis

    How awesome that sweet Lambie was mentioned on the station! Hooray for Lambie. How cool indeed. so sorry to hear about the midges bothering everybody so much! So nice that you let him in for a rest. You have such good hearts!

    1. Freda Freestone

      Oh I absolutely loved your account of Lambie’s visit indoors to escape those pesky midges.
      It sounds as if he had such a lovely time with all of you and he’s now famous too getting a mention on Classic FM. Wonderful.


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