To Town in Morning

This morning, I managed to drive Flossie to an appointment in Lerwick.  My car is automatic so I don’t use my left leg at all. This means I can drive safely.

Lerwick was busy and that was good to see.  While Floss was busy, I wandered up and down the main street – Commercial Street.

There have been some changes recently – including various art installations and these two murals painted by Gavin Renshaw.

There was also a splendid lighthouse sculpture at Victoria Pier which, according to the blurb, is “based on Fair Isle knitting patterns (and) has been installed as part of an art trail raising funds to fight cancer.” It is also takes inspiration from the colours of the Shetland flag.

A quick nip into Jamieson’s to see how the sheeple were doing.  All selling well.  I must keep making more.

More wandering around.


And then I saw my favourite boat – The Swan – moored in the harbour so I went over to admire her.

She is flying the Shetland flag – so now you can see where the colours of the lighthouse sculpture are taken from.

Once all our messages were done, Floss and I reunited, I drove swiftly home, dumped the shopping, collected Daisy and checked the Minions. We decided to open the gate into the next field and they were all, to a pony, very happy with our decision.

Waffle strolled along at the back.

Phew! That was a long day.  I’m glad I can drive now, though.

8 thoughts on “To Town in Morning

  1. Sam

    Happy to hear the back is stable enough to drive. Love the Lerwick street pictures.
    Dear Waffle – trudging along at his own pace.

  2. Rebecca A Final

    Hello Frances – So happy to read that you were well enough to travel to Lerwick for a day. I wish so much that I could visit that little community. It looks absolutely magical and exactly what my minds-eye tells me a Scottish village should look like. Sigh! thanks for sharing photos.

  3. Anne maree

    Wow interesting day for you, so glad you can drive again , I love the light house! Really hope that one day I get to visit your part of the world!

  4. diane in northern wis

    Great pictures from Lerwick. I’m glad your little sheep are selling! Gosh, you must be feeling better to be able to drive and walk all around town waiting for Floss to be done, and then checking on the minions when you got back home. Sure hope your back is better for a long time!


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