Lady Lodgers

We have some new lodgers at Clothie (my five acre field set across the hill from Thordale).  They are eight pregnant miniature Shetland mares, though some look more pregnant than others.

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It is that time of year when everyone is in the same situation – knee deep in mud and struggling so, as my lot were not using this field (they have a hatred and just stand at the gate), I offered it to help out Bergli Stud.  We all help each other out where we can.


Anyway, I am not complaining.  These miniature mares are beautiful and I shall enjoy taking photos of them as they continue to blossom in pregnancy.


Obviously they will be carefully moved nearer their home when they are due to foal as I do not want the worry of foaling someone else’s mares.


In the meantime, I will visit them and feed them carrots and hard-feed if required.


It is always nice to have new faces around and they are really no trouble at all.


(and they have teddy-bear ears too!)


They are a bit wary of me at the moment as they don’t know me yet.


Storm thinks they are wonderful and spends much of day calling to them, while they studiously ignore him.  I think he is “going through a phase”!

5 thoughts on “Lady Lodgers

  1. Terri

    A lovely bunch of little ladies!
    Btw, are Hetja and Taktur expecting? Just wondering if a little Icelandic foal is on the way….

  2. Sharrie Brockhaus

    Your boarders are beautiful. Pregnancy becomes them How tall is a miniature Shetland pony? It is hard to judge from the first pictures of them.


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