Last Day Ride

Floss, my youngest, is back to university tomorrow so, as it was a lovely day, I asked her if she would like to go with me and Klængur for a plod on Iacs.

(I think Iacs heard, as he took the word “plod” very seriously.)


BeAnne came along too and I would love to say Floss and I had a good chat while we rode but there was rather a large gap between us all.  I had to resort to shouting if she was doing ok, and that was about it.  Anyway, I knew Iacs would look after her.  Klængur was in one of his fast busy moods.  The road was quiet and we all went along at our own different speeds hopefully enjoying our own company.


I shall miss Floss.  She will be back in June and that seems a long time away at the moment.  Even though she will be very far away (Beijing), I hope she will remember this one sunny day in our long Shetland winter when she went out for a rare ride.


You really couldn’t get two more opposite places.


This is when Iacs had one of his not-to-be-encouraged independent thoughts.  He thought I had got off Klængur to feed him unlimited chocolate biscuits.  I hadn’t – I wanted to take better photos of Floss riding.


Meanwhile, Haakon is feeling a bit better, although still poulticed.  His abscess has burst and smells of dead-dog but he is managed to run after me when I was taking food to the preggie ladies in Clothie!.


I love their faces – Dignity and Impudence?

3 thoughts on “Last Day Ride

  1. Sam

    Good travels to Flossie. The last picture – “What? You Feed GIRLS?” and “I’ll get you, my pretty , and your horse too!”


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