Just Not Feeling The Love

I feel like crap.
My sleep is crap.
And I am not feeling the love for anything today.

So, to divert myself and my lack of lustre, I created this comic strip from yesterday’s photos.


Then, having helped a friend try to get a pony back into its’ field (having found it had already jumped over), I went out and about with my camera.

This is Foula – with the haar coming in from the sea – a haar is a cold sea fog.  It hangs off the coast of Shetland threatening to come in and create havoc with all air traffic.


Lupins – Lupinus nootkatensis – these grow everywhere in Iceland.  We have been given some for our garden.  I hope they take over.


As ever, I am drawn to Shetland ponies.  With interested ears tipped forwards, they always capture my heart.  This mare was no exception.


This is a rare (according to Wikipedia) four-horned Shetland ram.  No, not a Jacob ram, but a pure-bred Shetland ram.  I cannot imagine Lambie with four horns.  He struggles enough with his two little nubbins and even then needs therapy if one falls off.


The loch nearest the sea was steaming – these past few days, we have had some lovely hot weather.  The enveloping haar creates a sudden drop in temperature and thus this mist appears.


I walked the dogs on the beach and marvelled at the clear glass-like sea water.


Today, as it was hot, BeAnne had her final summer coat strip.


She looks so much better for it and enjoyed feeling cool.  Much thinner too.


Remember Orville from The Rescuers!?  Ha ha!


The tirricks are back (Arctic Terns).  I totally failed to take any good photos.


I told you today was not my day.  I need a decent night’s sleep.

6 thoughts on “Just Not Feeling The Love

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Sorry to read that you’ve not been feeling well today, Frances. Your photographs were still wonderful and I loved your cartoon! I hope you manage a good night’s sleep and that you feel better tomorrow.

  2. jan

    I do sympathise, perhaps you need to pace yourself. Have more gin and quavers….. and your photos are fabulous as always.
    Hope tomorrow is better, and Lambie does make a good pillow after all.

  3. Linda

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling good, but kudos to you for the cartoon -strip (humor still in place), the fact that you got out and about with your camera (determination still intact), and the beautiful photos (talent most definitely still hanging in there).
    Wishing you a good night’s sleep and thank you for today’s blog – you never disappoint…

  4. Nancy

    Sorry to hear you are not sleeping well.
    Try eating something simple with tomatoes and carbs, like simple spaghetti (nothing spicy!), and it may be able to put you to sleep.

    Just wondering if Lambie will be sheared in summer? He seems to have a lot of fleece! 😉

  5. Terri

    So sorry you are feeling out of sorts. Cute cartoon and lovely photos though! Sleep well tonight….


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