I’ve Been Busy

Every evening I repair to my shed to create needle-felted little animals and birds.

These are my recent creations and, if you are interested, they are for sale.  I have built a Heart❤️Felt For Sale page. First come, first served.

Heart❤️Felt For Sale

I happily work with donations but felt it might be better to put prices on each creation based on the UK hourly national living wage rate.  Money is a difficult word to us English but I thought it might be easier if I did.

I am very happy to post anyone anywhere in the world.  Being made purely of wool (and my ❤️) the little chaps are light and so far, have not cost a huge amount to send.

So, there you are. Please don’t feel obliged to buy but if you are grabbed by a wee small blue bird or a sheep, let me know.  If they are already sold, I can make similar.  I will keep making these little friends as my muse takes me and every so often, I will add them to my shop page.  They will also probably travel to a Lerwick shop – in discussion.

All moneys go towards the animals but mostly to the Minions who live their life of rescue Shetland pony luxury.  I will also replenish my wool stocks and equipment with money made.

13 thoughts on “I’ve Been Busy

  1. diane in northern wis

    Frances, I would like the two sheep in the last picture…the brown with white and the white with brown. do you still have them? If not, I can wait until you get two more made like that. Let me know the cost with postage and how to pay you. Thanks so much!

    1. Frances Post author

      Diane – I have set them both aside for you, will package them up, get a postal price and let you know the total. I hope that is ok. I will use your email address attached to this comment.

      Thank you x

  2. June

    Good morning Frances, I went on to your shop site as I would like to buy ‘Blue Birdie’ but a message comes up – something about “…well this is embarrassing…”
    What to do??


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