It was Calm

The weather is vile – ok, it has stopped blowing but it is cold and wet.  The horses are being very stoical and I love them for that.  Actually apart from the mud, they don’t seem to care.

I took these photos 5 days ago, when Shetland looked its best.  The sun was going down and I was going to the shop.

I could take nothing for today – outside is dismal.

This is my local village – Walls – it is about 4 miles from me.

Known locallly as Waas – which means in Old Norse “sheltered bay” – voes. Apparently the Ordnance Survey (map people) added the extra ll’s as they thought it was a corruption of “walls”.

There is a lovely new marina and a pier (built in the 18th century) and apparently (and I did not know this), Walls was a centre for fish curing.  The boat from Foula docks here.  We have a shop with petrol/diesel pumps, a bakery, 2 churches (Methodist and Church of Scotland) and a Nursery and Primary School.

Addendum: and our own community indoor heated swimming pool!

Anywho, I have also been in my shed most afternoons making my sheeple.  One every day to add to the pile that will hopefully end up at the Jamiesons Knitwear in Lerwick.  There is the usual range of curly or non-curly in a variety of colours.

I am trying hard not to hibernate this winter and have given myself daily tasks that must be accomplished – to put one thing on Ebay a day and to clean and tidy up a drawer somewhere in the house/shed every day!

4 thoughts on “It was Calm

  1. Shelley

    While I thoroughly enjoy the horses, sheep, monster (and now ducks) I must say I look forward to your landscape photos. Shetland is so wild and lovely. Do you get murmurations there?


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