Fat Little Minions

Floss usually checks and hugs the Minions while I deal with the ladies next door – Hetja, Lilja and Sóley-the-Foalie.  She then walks back up the hill and reports back anything I need to know.

Today, I accompanied her because I have missed my nose-kisses and I wanted to see if anyone had lost an ounce of weight.

I checked and prodded looking for ribs and can happily report that everyone is absoluely 100%, there-is-no-doubt-about-it, doing very well this winter.

There are no ribs.  We don’t know what ribs are, do we Tiddles?

If anyone has lost a smidge of weight, it would be Fivla and, as she was on the fat-side coming out of summer, I am not sorry.  Floss gives her a special daily dose of TurmerAid as she is an old lady and this Shetland winter weather is harsh.  She loves it.  Her own private food.

Today Floss gave it to her in Lambie’s bowl to make it easier and less waste.

Newt got to clean the bowl.

It was good to hug and chat to the Minions.

Albie was doing his best to command all the attention.  He is like a kid in the school photograph – the same one that appears at both ends of the photo!

I think we could safely describe Tiddles as stout!

And Silver was a leg in each corner.

So despite their convincing protestations, this little lot are doing more than fine in their winter field.

Dear little ponies. ❤️ They never fail to make me smile.

5 thoughts on “Fat Little Minions

  1. Sam

    Clearly Tiddles has missed Mum dreadfully! Glad the Ladies are doing well this winter and that Newt is still da Boss (at least in his mind he is). Love Tiddles’ silly face!


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