It Ended In Tears

The Minions were victimised against our Welsh Section A, Hammy.  All seemed well yesterday when we let them out into the field. Silver had identified with a mad kindred spirit, Charlie. Waffle was loving pretending to be a stallion in front of Andrew. Unfortunately, the next day  the hierarchy had changed and Hammy had the Minions cornered in a field away from the water.

We managed to get the Minions into the school to recover from their ordeal.


Cones are an endless source of entertainment, as are empty buckets.


They were unsettled yet grateful for getting away from that situation.


Toys make every situation better. This was learnt by us humans from trips to the doctors and dentist (with a quick stop at the toy shop afterwards).


We bought more toys for the minions, the most recent one being the Jollyball. Endless hours of entertainment for them. They love picking things up and putting them down whether it is cones or buckets or ropes.



We did not expect this behaviour from Hammy Hamster. He should know better, considering he has the IQ of a butterfly. Hammy has been bullied previously by our Shetland Pony stallion Indy. He just seems to be a social butterfly. His intelligence usually adapts depending on the herd. He is such a nice pony, but herd interactions can change so quickly.

It must be hard for Hammy to not be a Shetland Pony. Their language is so unique and Hammy must adapt to every situation, which cannot be easy for him.


Hopefully, the Minions will recover from this ordeal. They did have a good few hours playing with their new friends though, before hell broke loose.


We moved Andy, Charlie and Hammy into the other field so they can only gaze at each other over fences and Hammy cannot bully the Minions.

BN2A5979 BN2A5984

Sleeping was required.  They were exhausted.


We will tackle this issue another day. We learned from this experience and it gives us things to consider for the future.

(written by Daisy – Thordale’s potential Animal Behaviourist)

7 thoughts on “It Ended In Tears

  1. Linda K

    Such a shame, but the boys will bounce back I’m sure. Perhaps Hammy would like another Welsh Section A pony to hang out with, one that’s on the same wavelength.

  2. Linda

    Oh, BAD HAMMY! Glad you caught the bullying early, and distracted the poor wee ones with toys.
    I understand about Hammy, and I guess one can’t know these things until they happen?
    Just like the schoolyard…


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