In the Shed

A filthy day so being a nice Mum, I let all the sheep out of their field as they hate being there when it is raining. To be fair, though, it has very little shelter and they don’t go straight to bed but generally let themselves into another field, by going through a sheep-shaped hole in the fence!

So, this afternoon, the Boyzens and Girlzens were around and Lambie, when asked, made a bee-line into my shed, where I was working.  They had already had their ration of ginger-biccies (2 each) so it wasn’t for food, he came running but to be in my shed.

I haven’t seen Lambie, by himself, for a while.  He chooses his Mum moments, not me.

He was quite aloof to start with.

And I tried to ignore this.

But then he turned round and gave me his 100% Winning Smile which of course melted my heart.

FYI, this is a Knowing Look not a Winning Smile.  They are very different.

And then Lambie said, having done at least 5 minutes of being nice, that he wanted out.

And when Lambie says he wants out, I usually believe him because sometimes he is asking to go out because he wants a piddle and it is never good to call his bluff.

A Muzzah knows (or at least tries to).

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