Storms Coming

I drove over to check the Minions this morning.  I could sense they were very fed up of their 2 week old field.  To be fair, it is pretty small and they had done their best.

I came home and remarked to Daisy about the change in Minion attitude and perhaps we could move them over the road to their old field (which has had a good rest) tomorrow.  She replied that the weather was going to deteriorate and, if we were going to move them, we should do it NOW!

So we did. We drove back and two at a time grouped by levels of unhelpfulness starting with the worst, we led them over the road into their bigger field.

  1. Lilja and Sóley
  2. Storm (idiot) and Silver (stupid to catch)
  3. Waffle and Tiddles (can be a race-horse to lead and Tiddles can be an arse to catch)
  4. Albie and Newt (better at waiting with Fivla and Vitamin who are always last)
  5. Fivla and Vitamin (for two old ladies, they were very happy!)

And then they all ran around madly while Daisy opened gates all the way down.

Fivla was doing happy little bucks to herself.

Albie watched the first lot (Silver, Waffle, Lilja and Sóley) gallop off to the next field that Daisy was opening up.

And then there was a mass bunching of bottoms and off they went too.

This is my most favourite of photos. Albie as a small jousting horse!

And off they vanished, almost down to the sea.

I think that was a wise decision to make.

4 thoughts on “Storms Coming

  1. diane in northern wis

    What wonderful pictures today of your happy ones… fun to see them all galloping around their new/old field. Good job you two… did a good thing. Hope it works out well for quite some time!


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