In the Fog

We had a little bit of fog today and outside it was very eerie.

From the left:  Kappi, Iacs (top half), Taktur and Dreki (legs only) and Efstur standing in a manly way!  A leg in each corner.

A background Klængur with Kappi looking rather masterful.

Dreki and his father, Taktur with a shrunken Iacs.  Magic or perspective.

Father and son combo, again.  They spend much time together.

Klængur having a solitary thought.  I love his shape – the tummy is rotund.

Taktur and Dreki (again).

The old men – Haakon and Iacs.  Always near each other. Always friends.

Dreki looking slightly soggy.

Efstur – he is growing up fast.

And then I noticed the fog was lifting.  The boys went to sleep.  It’s hard work being photographed.  Any supermodel will tell you.

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