Rugs is Drugs

After Haakon’s awful hoof abscesses earlier in the year (here is the latest bit trimmed), he is still struggling up the metaphorical slope to recovery.  He is in for the long haul and I worry.  As the weather deteriorates into the usual harsh Shetland winter, I can see it takes a great deal of effort.

So I bought him a rug for when it rains.  A rainsheet, as it is known in equine circles.  Haakon has never had his own (always borrowed) and he is not a rug fan as he finds them very restrictive so I bought one with a front leg pleat allowing him to move more easily.  Last night the forecast was for a good few inches of rain so I unpacked the new rug and plonked it on him.  I think red suits Haakon.

Of course, Efstur had to come and take a look.  In fact I would go so far as to say that he was actually a bit obssessed with this new wardrobe addition.

Of course we had words and I waggled my finger at Efstur to say “don’t you dare.  Don’t even think about it!” hopefully in an effective fashion.

And then I made this……


I left the field saying “That rug had better be like new when I see it again!  Just sayin’, Efstur.  Like new.  Or else…….”

7 thoughts on “Rugs is Drugs

  1. Kerry

    Oh Frances, thank you so much for making me laugh out loud on a very miserable day.

    I think a regal red rug -complete with fromt leg kick pleat – suits the King very well indeed. Here’s hoping the hoof problem is under control

  2. Linda Loba

    What a nice red raincoat (he’ll be easy to find!).
    I send you and Haakon healing thoughts that his hooves make it without any problems this Winter…

    (And yes, you just know Efstur was (and still is) looking at that coat) 😉

  3. Mary Colleen McNamara

    when one of my horses kept getting foot abcesses due to having Cushings disease (seen a lot in older horses). I bought an Easy boot and it helped keep the crud from collecting in the frog and in the walls . I would check for thrush a couple of times a week. Usually treat with clorox bleach.
    You might want to try an easy boot/ soaker . Daisy would probably have a good idea if this would work. I am going to send you an email that I did a copy and paste so you can see if you think they might help. It also has sizing info. I have two and would be glad to send them to you since I will be sans horse(s) from now on.


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