Ignoring Shetland ponies

It has come to my attention that I have recently been ignoring my Shetland pony boys.


Have I gone completely mad? (don’t answer this, purely rhetorical).

Being the super well-brought-up chaps they are, they arrive everyday for a carrot and a chat and I have rudely ignored them being swept away with enthusiasm for all things Icelandic-horse at the moment.


I will admit, though, it is very difficult to actually ignore Bozz-Bozz as he is behind you at every step with his particularly unique talent of getting-in-the-way.  If I have reversed into him once, I have tripped up over him many times this winter.


But he and Arcturus are particularly loving and gentle little chaps.  They are their father’s sons with soft gentle mouths that never snatch or grab. They rarely push.  They are just there.  All the time.

BN2A9206 There, with their silly-frillies, and fuzzy bottoms which make me smile.BN2A9193 BN2A9175 BN2A9191

This winter has been just as I planned and all I could’ve wished for.  Everyone gets on fine. Four entire boys living together with 4 geldings.  All peace and harmony.

Bozz-Bozz shares nicely with his Dad


Bozz-Bozz shares nicely with Hammy


It really is a toss-up between which is bigger –  an Icelandic horse bottom or a Shetland pony one!




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