More Ping Pong antics too please!

“More Ping Pong antics too please!” was a request I received yesterday.


Being that kind of person, I decided today’s companion would be Little Himself.  He was waiting for me too (as was Bozz-Bozz and THAT is not going to happen).IMG_7547

And so it was that I came to take IndyPingPong, 40″ or 101.6 cm of registered overall supreme champion (Central Scotland Pony Show) and best stallion and best black stallion (SPSBS Breed Show) down the road to Watsness gate and back – with BeAnne.


He is not very used to going for a walk.  Usually, when he goes places there are ladies involved and he likes that idea.  So a dogwalk wasn’t quite what he anticipated so he shouted his mouth of a bit to make his point but quickly realised that he was out of luck.  But, rather than sulk, he stepped out smartly and decided to enjoy himself instead…..


….. by sniffing every piece of poo on the road, be it rabbit, sheep or even horse!  He stopped and he sniffed.

IMG_7551 IMG_7572  IMG_7595 IMG_7602

The in-between-bits were done at a brisk walk.  It was just that Indy can slam on his brakes for every poo pearl on the road, and in open hill, believe me, there is much of it!


He can walk and sniff too, which is a talent – Iacs just falls over.


Eventually, he left his calling card….


and yelled at the nearby ladies, who ignored him completely.



BeAnne hitched a few rides.  She hated Indy’s fast walk and would jump off, but when we turned down the track for home, and he realised that nothing fun on the lady front was going to happen, he reverted back to his usual snail’s pace.  Then BeAnne jumped back on again.

IMG_7625 IMG_7634

We plodded home and the others pointed and laughed, which was almost more than Indy could bear.


To cheer himself up, Indy had a row with Taktur who was waiting by the gate for his return.  I was prepared for this and we had a slight discussion whilst utilising crystal healing therapy, a round circle of friendship where we guessed the colour of each other’s aura.  Mine might have been red.





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