I went A-Visiting

It was raining and I didn’t feel like riding much, my bones were aching and Haakon was soggy (which is a pathetic excuse, I know).  I am really a human barometer.

So today was for visiting friends and distributing the last of the contents of my Christmas sledge.

These are a few photos from my travels.

On my way home, I dropped by Leradale with a bag of chopped up carrots for fair distribution to the inhabitants.

I was very enthusiastically meeted and greeted.

Soggy noseys were kissed.

This is Storm’s “I’m a good little boy” face.  Bless him for trying.

I don’t actually think the Minions have moved around their ginormous field since we put them in over ten days ago.  They are all very settled and Waffle stop sticking your tongue out.

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