I am very cross with you, Iacs!

I am not happy with Iacs.  Methinks he has got very used to his life of luxury and does not like being down-graded back to normality again.


His hoof is better now and everyone is over at Clothie because that is a relatively mud-free field, while the weather is behaving.  However, I still go over daily to feed Taktur his Handsome Prince food.

(and yes, he has no headcollar, and yes it is the scattald (open hill) and yes, he could potentially roam for miles as he is a young stallion – but no, he won’t go anywhere, and yes I do trust him and yes I do know you should never trust a stallion, and no, it is not madness because the only place he would go is home!)


I could see the others liked having a little something too so I lugged over 5 square buckets with a smidgen too.  Yesterday they loved it and spent hours with their own bucket getting every last bit.


Today, Iacs was incensed.  This was not enough. He wanted more.  So he systematically went round to each horse and their bucket throwing it and the contents around the field.  This resulted in nobody having anything.

The sensible ones looked at the ground and started finding morsels to eat.


The others made their feelings known.


They even gazed jealously at Taktur eating his grub undisturbed by Iacs.


And poor Charlie was very depressed until I gave him his own private leftovers in the corner (see above photo of Charles Buttons Esq).


Luckily, I had also brought a pile of carrot peelings and cauliflower leaves so I distributed them to those that deserved them rather than those that were rude.


Yes Iacs, I know where you live and next time I am tying you up!

6 thoughts on “I am very cross with you, Iacs!

  1. Sharrie Brockhaus

    Glad to hear that Iacs is better now, and happy to tell you how much I enjoy reading about and seeing pictures of your minions. So happy that the internet makes things like this available to people all around the globe. Keep it up!


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