I have spent the best part of my day looking at this – OH’s computer and its internal problems.  The grey spinning thing went on forever, not helping while I surfed the inter-super-highway looking for solutions.


After many hours, a headache and swear words, I went outside to clear my head.  I definitely needed some kind of therapy.


Obviously, I turned to the experts.


They are always on hand with their computer advice and support.


Their fluffy noseys are wonderful to help you take a step back, take stock of the situation and decide what to do next.


I was sorely tempted to go straight to the computer’s major data banks with a very large axe and give it a reprogramming it would never forget.

But, remembering I was the adult in this situation, I decided to erase the whole hard disk instead.


And I felt a huge sense of relief.


(Storm was not very helpful as he wanted to eat grass but managed to lift his head once to look hopeless!)


My poor OH is now not happy.  He had backed-up apparently a few weeks’ ago and is now sitting on the sofa tutting and sighing to himself while he tries to remember what was on his computer that was important.

Now he needs one (or four) of these!



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