I am just going outside and may be some time

A few weeks back, I put an advert on a local forum asking if anyone had a mobility scooter I could borrow.  My advert was quickly answered by the kindest person ever and yesterday, OH went off to collect it for me.


I decided that today I would get out and about while the weather was not bad so this time, dressing for the occasion and taking two walkers with me in case of emergency, like running out of battery, off we went.


Apart from sitting at a very odd angle and not having the armrest down (why?), I pottered along very happily with BeAnne at my side.  Max speed is 4 mph and the speed dial has a picture of a tortoise and a hare.  I liked being a tortoise, but had to be a hare for the hill (only way it was going to get up).


I felt a bit like an adult borrowing a child’s bike to ride and probably looked it too but hey, this is freedom and it is wonderful!


I am so happy I can go out and about now.  This mobility scooter is perfect for me. It goes at just the right speed and I have my freedom back for pottering around.  Floss said I looked like Davros in it.  Well, at least I am smiling.



Afterwards, I handed Floss my camera and asked her to find some horses for me as I haven’t seen them for ages.  They rarely come up to the house-end of their field and seem happy enough in the hill.  They will be moved soon into their next field when they have “made a clean plate”.


I don’t think I will try the scooter out with the horses.  It is not mine and I don’t want them to react badly around me.  I shall just potter up and down my track getting some fresh air.  I wish the shop was a bit nearer!



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