All Boys Together


Yesterday I mentioned that Indy, Andy and Charlie did not get on when they first met.


We had just got Indy in 2007 and Jo was off to The Royal Highland Show with the boys.  I think I had broken my ankle and couldn’t go but I remember Jo phoning to say Andy had barged the fence down, got in with Indy and had the crap beaten out of him.  Andy came off worse, obviously, as Indy had to defend himself.  So, Andy went into the show ring with Charlie (luckily private driving so no one was looking at battle scars) with a black eye and covered in bites.  He did deserve it, though.  He had been utterly vile.

andy-charlie-indy-Hammy-009-smallRHS 224

Andy and Indy never met again, even though Indy likes to live with geldings.


A year later we put Charlie in with Indy to see if they could be friends.  This was before we got Hammy.  Disaster again.  Charlie spent the whole time trying to escape so we gave up and put Indy in with his baby boys for the winter.


So putting them all together this winter was rather a big deal in our eyes as we have never succeeded before.  It would make our lives much easier in the future if these boys could get on  and it is nice for Indy to have company too.


We took a deep breath, had folk on hand to grab if necessary, and did it.


Hammy is doing very well.  He is round, fat and happy.  He has many friends to play with and he is definitely “one of the guys”.  All good and it will help him mature, hopefully.  He can still be a bit of a berk when he thinks about it.

L1010668 L1010677

So that is the winter sorted hopefully.  The field is enormous (3 fields opened up) and there is masses of grass for everyone.  They can have a silage bale if they need too.  I am not worried about these four.

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