How We Are

It is always difficult, when newbies arrive, to alter the routine you are in.

Our routine : Delia gets to spend her days around the house, eating up the new grass and everyone else just potters along.

But I need to put weight onto Gina, our new old lady, who arrived a few days ago.

That rug is perfect.  Sorry Waffle, but your rug is being used for someone more needy.

The two newbies, Gypsy and Gina, are settling in.

It is slow process and one that will take much work.  Delia (my 24 yo mare) hates Gina (30 yo mare) with a passion.  She will chase her off the food so I have to distribute many piles of silage to make sure everyone gets something.

Gina’s companion, Gypsy, is a complicated person.  She reminds me of Brá.  Our relationship is going to be about trust and reminding her of body language from me and the herd. She understands the basics but she has forgotten and has ruled Gina for too long.  This is not a healthy relationship.

Very obsessive.

My priorities are to give Gina more food.  She has the teeth, the will and the spark.  She needs to eat and to put on weight.

Gypsy does not need any extra food but she shouts for Gina all the time, nagging her to stop eating and to come back to her.


This afternoon, as I was about, I split them up.

There are new grass shoots around the house (Delia is grazing there), so I let Gina out as well.

She could see Gypsy but there was a fence in between them.

This seemed to work fine.

Daisy brought out Iacs to ride and, afterwards, there were introductions.

I spent my day popping in and out of the field to talk.

I would hate for any of my boys to feel I am ignoring them. I did lots of hugging today!

Everyone is special and everyone needs something different from me.

There are now piles of food everywhere, just in case.  Life has become rather complicated.

5 thoughts on “How We Are

  1. Linda

    (I guess I’m not surprised Gina and Delia dislike each other; I think a lot of animals get grumpy as they get older – humans too, for that matter…)
    Sounds like you’re passing around love as much, or more, than the piles of silage you’re throwing around. No surprise there. 🙂

  2. Terri

    Gina looks confused and Gypsy forlorn — it is not easy to be transplanted and faced with a new world order (even if they just arrived at the Equine Ritz). But they are under the best care, and all will be sorted out in time.
    So sorry to hear someone ratted on you about the sheep — I had to look up “bar-steward” to see what it means (haven’t heard that expression in the US). 😉 Miss seeing the Boyzenberries,, but needs must.

  3. Sam

    What did I miss on the Bozenberries?
    Having 1 set of new arrivals is tough enough but to add a second set so soon must have everyone all sixes and sevens. But I trust you will sort them all out.

  4. Louise Stopford

    Good luck with the new ladies. Hope that they settle in well with you and with the rest of the herd. Gosh you have really got your work cut out for you looking after all those souls. I am sure you will get into a new routine soon.


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