Out at Leradale

The sun was shining.  I know!  The Sun!

It fought its way through the clouds but it managed.

During the day, according to who is home, I allocate the jobs that need doing.  So, while Daisy walked the dogs, I went over to Liradale.

Always a pleasure, never a chore.

I have a number of tasks when I visit. The first – to let me catch Brá and not let her be wild.  Such unbecoming behaviour. I do tell her.  No one likes a wild horse, especially not a pregnant one.

Hetja was, as usual, on spiffing form.

After talking to the two preggie ladies, BeAnne and I jumped the fence and were greeted by The Minions.

They spend their day loafing around the dividing fence.  Fivla and Vitamin are pregnancy bores……

  • – “Remember the time when I was so sick, I was thinner the day I gave birth than before I was pregnant!”
  • “I was in labour for 48 hours and the doctors were amazed I had a live baby at all”.
  • “I was sick from the day I found out I was pregnant to the day I gave birth.

We all know them and we all hate them.

So, with my bag of apples,  I commenced with Task No 2 – to lure the others away into the hill part of their field.

Fivla ended up joining us.

Vitamin ended up sulking!  Her choice.

I sat on a rock for a while, distributing apple quarters and hugs and then all of a sudden, the ponies cantered up the hill and left me.


I want them to leave the Icelandic mares and discover the rest of their field.

2 thoughts on “Out at Leradale

  1. Sam

    What is this thing you call “Sun”? Not in New England….nice to see the Minions and their silly faces. Even if you had to bribe them.


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