We have been having a digital detox for over four hours (that would be a power cut to us oldies!).

Anywho, apologies for the delay in the blog.

It has been a day of shite – rain and more rain, so rugs on those that need them and shiver off your fat, the rest of you!

The newbies, Gina and Gypsy, are doing ok.  Delia is still being a baggage so she spent the day outwith the field to give everyone some peace and quiet.  While we fed Gina her hard feed (plus Albie and Newt), we put Gypsy the other side of the gate.  She does not need any extra feed.  I approached her with a carrot and the deal was that she could have it, if I could put a head collar on and off.  After some trepidation, Gypsy agreed and that was all I wanted.  Good girl. Every day, in every way, we will be doing this!  Little steps.  One headcollar = one carrot.  Them’s the deal.

Anywho, I have been saving this for a rainy day, but I found out that…..

Storm is related to some of the other Minions!

He is Tiddles’ second cousin (that explains so much!)

Newt is his nephew – awww, bless him. Storm a role model.

Interesting fact – Lyra is Storm’s 1st cousin once removed.  And she does remove.  As far away as possible! Can’t you just see the family resemblance?

Fivla is Storm’s father, spouse/partner’s 1st cousin twice removed.  (Storm would sell his soul for a Fair Isle jersey and some internet fame).

Yes, you guessed it, I did my family tree and used the software to see who is related to whom.  Well, you would, wouldn’t you – especially on a rainy day?

So now you know.  Storm is a role model.  God help us all!






15 thoughts on “Relations

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Hi — Just how little is that sheep? We got no ones like that in the US, at least in California. It’s an adorable photo! MMR

      1. Margaret Robinson

        Part of the problem for a horse owner, but not farm girl is that even around here we just don’t have the kind of winters you have, so hence the bigger, furrier coat of this little one. He is just so tiny! Now that he’s larger, you should post some pictures of him – after all, he’s friends with at Storm! MMR

          1. Margaret Robinson

            The lamb which was standing next to one of your little horses. He’s was even littler when the photo was taken. MMR

          2. Frances Post author

            Sadly, I cannot put up any more photos of my sheep as someone has reported me to the authorities. They are not tagged. They are pets but the rules state they must be tagged so I can identify them. I could identify any of them in a herd of 1000 sheep.

            I believe tags are cruel. They hurt sheep. You would not pierce your dog’s ears, so why pierce a sheep’s ear?

          3. Margaret Robinson

            Isn’t there another way to “tag” them; or are the officials insistent on the tags in the ears bit? Spray painting (non-toxic) a number/letter on them would work. ‘Course maybe you could start a movement via the government where pet sheep had a different tagging system. That way you could choose which “tag” to put on them. That’s probably a long-range event however and if like here could take year. Good luck whatever you do. MMR

  2. Sam

    So Storm is the family head…..that might explain a lot. you have an amazing heart to take on Gypsy and Gina. I do Hope Delia stays head of the herd as she has the most experience. How has Her Majesty taken to the new gals?

  3. Carol E

    How sad that someone felt they had to rat you out! I was wondering why we weren’t seeing as much of your darling boys. I miss them. Give them hugs, please!

    1. Frances Post author

      I will – I wish I could show you just how wonderful they are but some folk have to bar-stewards. I think it makes them feel better. Lambie sends his love plus his Winning Smil. xx

  4. Jan

    I think people need something better to do. Why would someone do that? What difference does having a tag in their ears make? They are only on your land anyway. I think we need a petition here. Carry on Frances you bring people a lot of happiness.x


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