Hospital now home

Well, I last wrote my blog en route to Aberdeen where I spent 7 days in a variety of very hot wards.  I arrived by ferry on the Friday morning, was met by the ambulance first thing and admitted to the hospital.

IMG_0499 IMG_0504

I spent Saturday exploring my surroundings and found a Tesco next door, within walking distance.


I was very excited since I haven’t actually left my house properly since the middle of January.  So, trying not to go “wild in the aisles”,  I bought a few useful things and had fun wandering up and down gazing at the colours and just being in a new environment.


The Sunday was spent waiting for the surgeon and anaesthetist to have their “little chat” so I didn’t go a-wandering any more and just accepted my fate.


I was first on the theatre list, and came out sore but ok.  I have strict instructions – something about not lifting things and not tiring myself. I wrote it all down along with what they did to me.

“Removed the Wallis Ligament, found a tear in the disc, removed a loose disc piece about the size of a finger nail that had been pressing on L5 nerve route and performed a microdiscectomy”.


So now we know.  Anyway, home yesterday evening on the normal flight from Aberdeen where I was met by Jo and BeAnne.  I burst into tears when I saw BeAnne.  We have not been separated since.


Of course, everyone is pleased to see me.


Some perhaps more than others.


I missed everyone and am glad I am back.  Hospital is very hot and very not for me.


Best of all, Spring is starting.  The celandine are the first to make the effort.  A better yellow than those NHS bins.


I will listen to what my surgeon said.  No, honestly, I will. I promise.


12 thoughts on “Hospital now home

  1. Cate

    Your readers missed you too, Frances, and we’re glad you’re back. Hope you make a complete recovery and will soon be in the pink!

  2. Gwyn

    Missed your blogs. Love your stories and your shetties. So glad you are home where you belong. Let’s hope for a recovery where you can continue to live and enjoy the PARADISE you live in.

  3. Nicki

    Lovely to have you back, here’s to a speedy recovery. I’m so looking forward to more Shetland tales they always bring a smile 🙂

  4. Maddi

    Grumpy cat!!

    The hospital looks even more rubbish compared to the normal beautiful views and ponies you post pictures of! Glad the op went well and hope you have a speedy & successful recovery!

    Much love,

    Maddi xx

  5. Melody Brown

    Missed you and your blog. I do so hope this surgery works for you.

    I think you need to add more pictures of your grumpy cat!

    Thank you for this, Frances. Your pictures put fresh Shetland air in my jaded, sooty soul.

  6. Trish

    Very happy to have you back – you have been missed! It sounds like the op went well.
    Your pictures from the hospital are very different to Shetland, worlds apart!
    Sending very best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. x

  7. Liz Reid

    I’ve been looking every morning to see if you were home.
    Then this morning…Yah! She’s back!

    Glad they found what was causing you so much pain and hopefully they have rectified it, enough so you can live a normal life with your ponies and family.

    *Happy Dance! Happy Dance! Happy Dance!*

  8. Melissa

    Glad to know you are home again and on the road to recovery. What a difference – especially in the sense of belonging – between the Aberdeen photos and those back at home! Thanks for the introduction to Nick and his photos while you were away.

  9. Frances Post author

    Nick’s photos rather upped the ante! Now I have to make more of an effort. Damn and blast you. Nick Miners. for your fabularse photography (and scribblings)!


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