Helping Hooves

Some friends came over today to collect horse manure for their vegetable garden’s compost bin.  Horse manure is something we have a large supply of.

I knew that everyone would want to help and, as I am indisposed, I thought the best way to do this was to divert the helpers with some silage.  I asked Leigh to throw it over the fence and into the field.


I let Taktur out as I wanted to give him his daily grub.  Leigh was instantly enchanted and quickly made friends.


Meanwhile, the men were busy with their bags and shovelling equipment around the field.


And, yes, you guessed it. While everyone drifted off, more interested in the newly arrived silage, one little person thought he would investigate further on his own.


Bozz-Bozz was fascinated.


And then he saw someone who required his help.


They were all doomed from the start, really.


You know how police and army horses are de-sensitized using a variety of methods? Bozz-Bozz holds no fear of anything.  He could be a police horse or a mini drum horse for the Queen.


He had a wonderful time, playing with the equipment.


He had a wonderful time playing with the people, too.


There was much helping.


Darling little Bozz-Bozz.


Gosh, it is good to be back home where life is normal again.


I have missed my boys so much, even Hammy!


6 thoughts on “Helping Hooves

  1. Nicky Callam

    I am still in love with Boris! If I thought he would survive my Sussex grass and my oversized dressage warmbloods I would have him like a shot. Nicky (aka Pandora).

  2. Roberta

    YES they do like to help, plus our pair have BIG friends that help with them……………clydesdales.
    Glad to hear you are home.

  3. Karen

    I have always loved horses and ponies but haven’t ridden for many years now. I love yours, they look like really mischievous characters and with Shetland a firm most favourite place of mine, finding your blog is a dream. Glad you are recovering feom your op and I envy you living where you do.


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