Running Home

Question:  What makes me smile?

Answer:  When I call my Boyzenberries off the scattald (common grazing), they leave all their sheepie friends and come running home.

I love that they do this for me.

(or possibly the biscuit tin!)

Lambie could be described as, what is known in horsey circles, a “scopey” jumper.

I thought he was more of a woolly one, myself!

See what I did there?  Geddit?

Anywho, Lambie has enthusiasm and, as you can see, he didn’t actually get over the ditch but landed in the middle of it instead.  But ten out of ten for effort.

‘Bert was more casual about his home-coming.  He is like that.  A cool dude.

As was ‘Ster.  They don’t make the hysterical fuss Lambie does about being out in the hill when they were the ones who made a bolt for it when someone opened the gate to get their car out.

They always do this – run out thinking they are wild and free and then, especially if the weather turns, rather regret their actions and want home as soon as they find someone to open the gate again to let them in!

They should believe their Muzzah. I always tell them home is best.

4 thoughts on “Running Home

  1. Sam

    Silly boys, not listening to Muzzah! After all she controls the biscuit tin.
    Do love Lambie’s attempts to jump high and far.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    The pics of all three are great and you’re a nice Mom for taking the ones of Lambie that don’t show him landing in the middle of the water (at least that doesn’t show in these). MMR

  3. diane in northern wis

    Oh what awesome pictures today. I just love that Lambie of yours. If I came to visit I would give him the biggest hug. I love how he runs and jumps. What a sweetheart! He is adorable.


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