Hjalti Lightly Backed

While I have been away doing stuff, Daisy and Hjalti have been busy with their training.  They work for a short time most days and Hjalti loves it.  He soaks it all in, happy and interested,  always first up volunteering to do something each day.

Daisy only moves onto the next step when she thinks everything is going smoothly.  Having worked for a year in Norway at an Icelandic horse farm training youngsters, she knows what she is doing.  Hjalti trusts her too. They have a good relationship.

(lots of flapping – look how concerned Hjalti isn’t!)

(Daddy’s Big-Boy Handsome Prince saddle)

Hjalti doesn’t panic.  If he can see what is going and understands vaguely why, then everything is fine.  He has a huge amount of calm curiousity.

A carroty reward, given often.

After I had watched all their hard work and training, Daisy dropped the bombshell that she thought Hjalti was ready for her to sit on.  I was not sure about this move, I will admit, but Daisy said it would be fine.

So she lay across him first.

From both sides and we took a few steps forward.  Hjalti was a rock.

So Daisy got her bucket, stood on it, swung her leg over his back and sat up.  Hjalti looked round, sniffed her toes and then I asked him to take a few steps forward.  He said fine and they went for a walk.

And then Daisy dismounted and gave Hjalti a carrot.

(I am so proud of my little homegrown boy.  I told his Mum and she’s proud too) ❤️

Well done Daisy too – ❤️ sniff ❤️ – she did brilliantly.

A definite milestone.




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