The Creepy Neighbours

With Haakon and Iacs living around the house for the time being, we find we now have creepy neighbours who are always popping round for something.

Whenever you open the front door, there is almost always someone waiting/lurking.

But they are available for selfies.  That’s a plus.

We work around them (and we also clean up around them too).

But they are always here.  They never give in.  They know where we live!

Sometimes one, sometimes two.

(Phew, at last they went somewhere else.  This is the view while I sit at my desk).

Being creepy is not just the perogative of Haakon and Iacs.  Oh no, Monster is well up there too!

I think my animals may be creepy.  Just sayin’.

12 thoughts on “The Creepy Neighbours

  1. Sam

    Not so much creepy as they KNOW the treats are in the house. They are skulking about, trolling for yummies. As for Monster, he is merely demanding his contractual helpings of what ever he wants are delivered. Creepy is when they bang the window at night.

  2. Terri

    Well, what did you expect? They know that Shetland ponies, sheep, dogs, and cats are allowed inside your house (the former in the absence of OH). So why not Icelandic horses? Glad to see Monster take his rightful place at the table — nothing like a self-assured cat.
    PS Glad to see Haakon up and about!

  3. Linda K

    I think you mean delightful neighbours. I love the first photo. Let us in!
    Does Monster normally join you at the dinner table, or was he just looking for leftovers?

  4. diane in northern wis

    Well Frances…..I wouldn’t say creepy….I think they’re all beautiful and sweet and friendly and love to be close to you and your family! And any occasional treats that you can dole out would be appreciated by them too. So they’ll hang around….just in case….. 🙂

  5. Linda Loba

    I think you’ve got a Gang of Treats lurking about…don’t worry, they may look suspicious, but their agenda is simple.


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