Hill Ponies are Out

On my way over to check on the Minions and the Icelandic ladies, I came across the hill ponies on their wanders.

I like seeing Shetland ponies on the scattald (our common land used for grazing).

It is a tradition and one that is dying these days.

I only know of one stud that uses the hill that is local to me.

I have hill rights for grazing sheep and ponies but I don’t think the world is not ready to meet the Minions out in the wild.

All hill ponies belong to someone.

None are feral or wild.

They are kept a close eye on by everyone who drives past.

Anyway, this lot seem very happy and look well.

The ponies were only interested in me in a “do-you-have-a-carrot-on-you” sort of way.  I did not. I just took their photo and got back into my car to drive on to check my lot.

As for feeling miserable, I have got it out of my system.  Thank you for listening and your support. It was appreciated.

I am now working on a new venture that may involve yourselves and Christmas.  At worst it will keep me off the streets and at best, someone might like it.


6 thoughts on “Hill Ponies are Out

  1. Sam

    What a beautiful way to end the post! Love the hill ponies still looking for carrots in all the wrong places. Very interested in what you might have planned for the holidays! And if we can give back to you a mere hint of the joy that your blog brings to us, well here it is – LOVE THIS BLOG.

  2. Terri

    Sorry you were so down yesterday. Some days we have to put one foot in front of the other, process our disappointment or unhappiness, and soldier on. Animals always seem to set things in perspective for me, with their unconditional love. A man once wrote, “My goal in life is to become the person my dog thinks I am!” (or ponies or cat or sheeple)
    Love these photos of the hill ponies, and of His Highness, Mr. Mon! Your blog brings so much joy to so many people, here, there, and everywhere! Take heart! xo

  3. diane in northern wis

    Great pics again today Frances! So glad to hear that your mood is improving. Love all the pictures and especially that rainbow at the end. Life is good. Thanks for the reminder.


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