The Laydee-Girls

Autumn is truly my favourite time of year.  Mostly because of the light and the colours. All perfect.

So on my daily checks of the two herds that live outwith Thordale, I obviously took my camera.

First up were the two pregnant Icelandic mares – Hetja and Brá – plus Hetja’s little girl from last year, Lilja.

Lilja is weaned so it is fine for her to be back with her Mum.

The girls is much more settled now.  There is no barging and arguing, though I do love Hetja’s face at Lilja when she walked past my camera and wrecked the shot!  That is such a Mum look!

The ladies are most definitely pregnant.

That or the world’s biggest diet is on its way!

Our not-so-little (these days) Lilja is maturing to be a lovely filly.

She has a huge amount of look-at-me as well as being such a nice person as well.

It is nearly impossible to take photos of Lilja as she tends to follow me everywhere offering “help”.

But, with the help of threats and jumping up and down, I did get Lilja to stop following me so I could grab a few nice pics of her.

(however, she didn’t believe my threats!)

So that’s the girls.  All happy and settled and eating for two, three or four……. except for Lilja who is just a “growing girl”.



3 thoughts on “The Laydee-Girls

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Autumn is my fav time of year too! Even here (at least in this part of California) things are changing color. Our Japanese Maple which is right out front of my kitchen window on the upside of our yard, has turned bright, bright red. The leaves are now falling and the big Oak trees are loosing all their leaves as well.
    All the horses at the Ranch are getting their winter coats – probably a whole lot slower than yours, but at least we can figure out that when their winter coats start to come in, we’ll have an early (and probably long) winter).

  2. Linda Loba

    Gorgeous photos (I see what you mean about the light). Congratulations on your maternity ward, and may all the upcoming mamas bear healthy, beautiful babies!

    And a rainbow at the end – just perfect…


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