Dirty Laundry

Not every day is brilliant and I try very hard not to air my dirty laundry in public but this morning started badly with a knock-back letter in the post.

So, feeling very disheartened as well as rather disappointed, I went to see my Minions to discuss it with them.

Always a good idea.  They make the best listeners.

Seeing my little boys and the old ladies made me feel instantly better, as well as having a good chat with a (human) friend who helped put things into perspective.

So poo to the world, that’s what I say.

Life goes on.  Minions (and chatting) really is the best therapy.  So if you are feeling blue, please drop by even if it is just looking at the blog.

Meanwhile, Floss, having got to grips with her jeg-lag, was busy at home riding her horse, Klængur, in our newly dug-up and harrowed indoor school.

Floss was glad to be back in the saddle again and Klaengur was enthusiastic to go back to work too.  He has been on holiday for 2 months – shoes off, teeth done and not being ridden.  A holiday is very important part of the Icelandic horse training.  All mine have one.

Double Meanwhile….. Monster is very settled with us. I had my camera in my hand, heard some snoring and came across Himself in his “Wee Nook”.

So, that’s me.  Not my best but moving onwards and upwards.

14 thoughts on “Dirty Laundry

  1. Celeste

    Hope your day improves and you find a solution to whatever came in the mail. Yes, chatting with animals beats talking to humans any day! I always feel better after I do my barn chores no matter what is happening in my life. When everyone is eating, all is right with the world.

  2. Kerry

    Sorry to hear you have got a really horrid letter in the post
    On the other hand I get to read a lovely Blog – you write and illustrate a great blog, which usually makes me laugh out loud, but not when you are feeling blue. I hope those Minions, the jumping and smiling Boysenberries, a puddle loving B’Anne and a snoring Monster (how is that diet going?) keep your spirits up on the animal side and that return of Flossie and her wondrous banana bread helps on the human side
    Can’t wait til we get up there

  3. M in NC

    Frances: I always look forward to your pictures and comments. I am half-a-world away, or I would love to come and have a chat with whatever 4-legger will put up with my company. ;

    M in NC
    (known to roll my eyes and say ‘well POO’ too !!

  4. Rebecca

    Sorry to hear that you’re not having a great day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a different story. My best friend’s grandmother always used to say ” Brighter days ahead, my dear, brighter days ahead.” I’m not quite sure why, but it always seemed to make me feel better. She was also famous for always suggesting a “nice cup of tea” , it sounds like you might really need one! Or even a nice cup of gin, perhaps?

  5. John Davies

    I guess the usage over here would be “rejection letter” and now I understand after reading some that J.K. Rowling got before she had Harry Potter books published! I guess I’ve not lived the life that would cause these to appear in my mailbox!

  6. janet

    some times you get a kick in the ribs sort of day ..and it’s ok not to move..but to just stay still ..take 5 – get your breath..clear your mind ..and then move on..yes move on and up.

  7. L Kirk

    Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad day. But your family, two legged and four legged, will hopefully have put some perspective on your disappointment. I hope things are looking better tomorrow.

    Pringles and vodka can sometimes offer up some comfort if I’ve had a bad day, but that’s just me!

    I love your blog and reading about life on Thordale and all the animal antics.

  8. diane in northern wis

    So sorry to hear that your day started out horrid! I’m so glad that seeing your dear minions and taking pics of the snoring monster as well as your good conversation with a friend have helped to ease your angst. If we’re regular readers of your blog, you know that we care about you…about your 4 legged friends…about your 2 legged family members and about the places you call home and home for your critters too. May everything in your world seem better and be better soon!

  9. Louise Stopford

    Your blog is wonderful Frances, so enjoyable. I don’t imagine I will ever be able to get to Shetland myself, but checking in with you daily is the nearest I will probably ever get and believe me it is the highlight of my day. I love seeing all the wonderful scenery, but especially all the ponies and horses, sheep, BeAnne and that absolutely gorgeous Monster cat. I think he has been settled with you all for a long time now. Having the time of his life I don’t wonder – all his explorations and then snuggling up in his cosy bed. Hope your day gets better and with the help of your animals and human friend been able to put things into perspective. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Linda Loba

    I think that’s one of the more important jobs that animals (ours and others) do for us. Teach us to just move on, forget what others think, with their offer of unconditional love.

    And…good grief is Monster a beauty! (Hard to believe, seeing these photos, that he was such a pain the other night!)


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