More Snow Pics

These pictures are from yesterday around midday when the snow properly got going.

Deep and crisp and even.

We broke into a hay bale (the first of the year) and distributed it into old fish boxes tied to the fence so everyone could have a good eat.

There was even sharing, which is always heartwarming.  This herd is a happy bunch and there is little arguing or stress.  All good friends with no rattiness.

Rugs were on those that needed them.

For a short while the snow lay.  Everywhere was white and looking clean.

As I left the field to return to the house for lunch, I found this little urchin helping herself to the muck heap.  We had words while she was cross I had spotted her.  I chivvied Her Maj back into the house with a flea in her ear.  And then there was the sulking and I had to apologise to her for her bad behaviour.

The snow didn’t stay long.  It had all but gone by the late afternoon.

Apparently bad weather is forecast to return and now everyone is, after one day, in a routine of being fed hay.  Amazing!


9 thoughts on “More Snow Pics

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Dreading the snow arriving down here. Not looking forward to having to put hay out for six thugs who don’t understand waiting or sharing!! Yours are so very well behaved, Frances.

  2. Terri

    Lovely equines-in-the-snow photos! Snow-white Monster probably prefers indoors warmth to camouflage in the cold. And you had to apologize to BeAnne for HER bad behavior?— mwahahahaha! We certainly know who is in charge at Thordale! She is Queen Bee!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Beautiful snow pics, Frances. Really beautiful. Although it does make me shiver a bit looking at them….even though I’m looking at the same thing outside my windows. Do love your artistic pictures though and always good stories to accompany them. Stay warm and well.

  4. Rebecca

    Hi Frances.

    Can you believe that it’s 40 degrees C here in Sydney? I’m hibernating inside in the air conditioning !
    I’d much rather be in Shetland right now.


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