I spent the afternoon building this little sheeple.

So afterwards, I took the dogs out for a run.  We went to Clothie – the five acre croft that is a little walk across the scattald (open hill).

The field has not been grazed since spring, I think, so the grass and flowers have gone mad growing.

It is stunning and we enjoyed walking/running around.

There are flowers everywhere.

Red Clover

Marsh Thistle


Bog Asphodel

Common Cotton-Grass wet from the rain

Marsh Lousewort

And these are “Dockens” or Docks

If I have any plant identifications wrong (which I probably have), please let me know soonest so I can correct any errors.

hentilagets n. – tufts of wool lost from sheep’s backs and gathered from pasture. (Shetland dialect)


7 thoughts on “Hentilagets

  1. Sam

    Very sweet Sheeple. Love seeing your flowers in bloom, we have roses, sweet peas and tiger lilies in bloom right now.

  2. Jacqueline slavich

    Frances, could you use the hentilagets to make your sheeples with? Maybe making a ‘subspecies ‘ so people are torn between which one to buy, the original or the hentilaget one and so buy both?

  3. Judith

    Hentilagets – sheeples inside and out – and a new word for me, though I remember finding wool strands on childhood walks and thinking them quite magical.

    1. Frances Post author

      Rarely. Ted used to get ticks all the time south with Mum (and me on my tummy, eek!) but up here, he has been fine. We don’t allow hill sheep into our fields, if possible and we don’t have deer, who I think are the greater carriers.


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