Duckie Real Estate

It is Floss’ last full day – she is off tomorrow evening back south – so I totally exploited her goodwill and we built three more duck-runs ready for the duckling arrival.

We lugged and heaved and positioned where we (ok, I) wanted them).  A friend gave us this superb run, which is the answer to all our prayers.

Meanwhile Duckie-Mother #1 is doing fun with her brood.

Two boys and one girl, I think and she still hates me, but slightly less.

Duckie #2 with her only duckling lives separately in her shed.  She only slightly hates me.  Bebé is divine and may be a girl.  She likes to sit in her food and the mess is phenomenal in their shed.

This is my anti-scavenger door.  It works a treat.

And so we are waiting on these three….. still.

I think this one will be next.

Then this one (Penty’s mother).

And lastly Penthesilea, who is now professionally “on the job” and tells me all about it when she emerges for food.

I have no idea how many eggs they are sitting on, if any, but I think it is best to be prepared while I have Floss helping.  I don’t want to do the lugging on my own (OH is working).   So now we are ready for more ducklings. Bring them on!

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