Happy Bickering

First there is the tacking up thing.  Stuff gets swapped around and we all have our favourite stirrups, reins, gel pads etc that we “borrow” from each other.

Haakon then leaves the tacking up area to stand in the furthest corner of the shed.  He has done this for as long as I can remember.  He just has to. It’s his thing.  He never rolls or does anything, just walks as far away from me as possible.  Most odd.  Is it something I said?

Floss got on Klængur in the school and I sorted out her stirrups and we had the usual “is my saddle wonky?” situation.

I followed happily along on Haakon.  These days, he is much fitter for being ridden three times a week.

Though, when we got to the canter track, he just stopped and so no, he didn’t think so, thank you very much.  So while we waited for Floss/Klængur to go flinging up and down, I fed Haakon a carrot and admired his whacky hairstyles in the wind while he enjoyed the view and probably the carrot.

We all went a little bit further on our ride and then turned round refusing to let anyone bugger off at a hundred miles an hour.  Haakon invented a new Icelandic gait – mince.  Klængur calmly walked on a long rein while we minced along behind, happily bickering all the way home.

Someone small, furry and a bit smelly was waiting for us when we got home.

All most enjoyable.

6 thoughts on “Happy Bickering

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Mincing may become a new fad! Whatever, if you and Mr. H had a good ride, then it doesn’t matter a wit how you did it.

    I’d wish you a Happy Thanksgiving but that truly is an American holiday (and you all got rid of all the naysayers who complained about religion).

  2. Terri

    Very nice tacking up and virtual ride! And Happy Thanksgiving to all! (Btw, Canada also celebrates Thanksgiving, but on the second Monday of October — I know this because once we visited Vancouver, B.C., on that weekend/day, and almost everything was closed.)

    On another topic: Her Maj BeAnne has one of the sweetest faces ever!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Loved your pics of the ride today, Frances. Loved that pic of sweet ole BeAnne at the end. Although what happened to her? Did she roll around in the creek a bit? What a cutie. You are blessed by all your sweet friends and you are indeed a blessing to them! Happy Thanksgiving, although I guess you probably don’t celebrate it!


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