The Rules of the House

Monster rules the house. He decided this the minute he arrived.  Anyone who visits with a dog is told this very important Rule of the House.

This is poor Otto learning just how it is and how it will be when he was visiting the other day with his owner.

Otto has been known to chase cats, allegedly.  Monster, just by being himself, let it be known that this would not happen, not now, not ever and Otto believed him.  There was never any doubt.  There were a lot of mind games that morning.

But you’ve gotta love Monster.  It is probably the Law.

He spends his day either out and about with us or asleep in the house.  Today, he came to our indoor manège for a spot of exploring.

BeAnne and Monster are very relaxed and genuinely like each other.  I am glad BeAnne is happy again.  It has taken a while since the demise of Loki and Wussums and although we all miss them hugely, Monster has more than filled the gap.

(For me, Monster’s pinnacle of perfection is that he even widdles in the muckheap – I mean how clever is that!?)

So I think we can safely say that Monster is settled and we all live in his house according to his rules.

8 thoughts on “The Rules of the House

  1. Linda Loba

    All hail Monster!
    (I do believe his coming to live with you was meant to be…)

    And I’m SO glad to hear about BeAnn perking up!!

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Monster is doing what all cats do, but with style and he is extremely benevolent (that a lot of cats don’t wish to have). He’s a grand addition and so happy that BeAnn is doing so well with Monster around. Sometimes, without a lot of help, people and animals just find their rightful place.

  3. Terri

    The perfect cat for Thordale — totally self-assured! That he widdles in the muckheap proves his intelligence. (fell off my chair laughing) So happy that BeAnne has a new mate (and you too). Please post a photo(s) of him in the snow when it falls — as you wrote earlier, it will be his only chance at camouflage!

  4. diane in northern wis

    Wow I love that Monster. What a smart cat. And he’s also quite funny at the same time. He doesn’t seem to fear dogs. I’d love a cat like that, except I don’t have cats any more because when I lost the last one, it almost broke my heart. Now I love them from afar! Thanks for sharing yours Frances!


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